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Some examples of site specific works here in Houston, although I did add one located in Southaven Mississippi because of the scope of the project. Below you will see a banner located at Angela House and the East Spring Branch Food Pantry. There are several others; these are examples of my work.

Reflection, Catholic Charities Banners, Pantocrator, and Banners and Antependiums

On this page are a few examples of my work that I have completed locally and also in other states.  For more images of other work, I hope that you will contact me!

When working on commissions.........

Of course, the most important thing to me or any artists is that I understand what your needs and expectations are.  The only way that it can be accomplished is through dialogue, and site visits to your community.  If I am requested to create a sacred piece for a space for prayer and worship, I ask if I can come and experience how the community comes together.  I enjoy the exchange of ideas and insights and welcome the opportunity to create an art piece that reflects your spirituality or mission.

Catholic Charities, 2900 Louisiana, Houston

Catholic Charities Banners

This main banner, which hangs in the center of the lobby of the Catholic Charities building located at 2900 Louisiana, is flanked by 4 separate banners located on the 4 walls of the lobby.  Each of the 4 banners placed in the lobby provide a description in English and Spanish, of the services provided by Catholic Charities to their clients.  At the top of each of the banners is a mosaic in a pattern that suggests "journey" that each of us takes in our life.  All of the banners are hand made, hand written text, mosaic tops and hand made fringe by the artist.

Christ the King Catholic Church, Southaven, Mississippi


This is a 3-tiered project that involved painting the text to the Exultet around the perimeter of the Narthex approximately 15 ft above the entrance, painting of the Pantocrator, and painting the Stations of the Cross which are located in the Worship space.

The image of Christ Pantocrator is 8 ft in diameter and hangs above the entrance into the worship space, approximately 25 ft high.  

This mural is located in the waiting room of the pantry.  We serve up to 70 families a day

East spring branch food pantry