Kenya, Africa, 2013

To try to describe a trip like this would be impossible.  We saw and experienced so much.  The Kenyans are kind, generous, beautiful and open and welcomed us all to their country.  We were able to visit some women who we have been fortunate to help through an organization called the BOMA Project. 

About these images


The Kenyans

  The image  which I call "The Singing Women of the Samburu" is based on a photograph that I took as we were being welcomed into their boma and their meeting house.  They shared with us how the BOMA Project has changed their lives and the lives of their children.  These beautiful people are strong, intelligent and motivated to change their lives and the lives of their family, their village and especially their children.

On this page you will also see images of 2 Maasai warriors, Michael and Phillip.  Whenever we were out on the grounds or walking from our tent to the dining hall, one of these warriors would escort us since there were no fences to keep wildlife from crossing the area where our tents were located.